June 6, 2011

The prefect camera.


I once owned a nikon coolpix point and shoot camera. From the time I got it out of the box i never felt like it worked quite right. After trying to return it twice and being talked out of my camera insecurities.. I eventually just lost track of where it even was. Needless to say, I have beef with Nikon. However, when looking for a dslr/quality camera some of what Nikon has on the market is interesting. For instance, the Nikon d3100/d5100 seem appealing.

I like that Nikons seem to be relativly smaller than other dslrs. However, this Nikon beef is in the back of my head and I don't believe I can give in to it. Canon seems right. They have been awesome for years, and I feel like I wouldn't be let down if I went with them. Currently, I am looking at the t3i or t2i, (I dont know how much I will actually use the flip screen).

And then, there is the Sony nex 5. Which I have been smitten over since I first laid eyes on it.
What really gets me, is that it shoots 7fps while the canon I am looking at shoots something like 3.4 fps. Whaaat? However, the absence of an optical veiwfinder is a downfall. I do see, however you can purchase those seperatly.. and then you have to decide if you want the veiwfinder or the flash, because they both are used in the same mount. The canon is just soo big. And while, I am interested in photography and the idea of learning  more in depth is very appealing, I don't see myself spending everyday trying to produce professional photos.

However, this is an investment. Being that Canon has been around and have proven that they will continue to be around. They have many lenses, and room for growth. I feel as though, looking at it as a long term investment, the Canon t3i/t2i is most promising.

Any camera-wise input would be much apprechiated.


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