May 1, 2013

the pack

We have been settling nicely. I am looking forward to the coming summer days. The dogs are in heaven with the creek being so close in these hot days. It has been nice to just be. Staying home and not feeling rushed to do do do. I have been spending some time re-working my dolls. I am hoping to start little flock back up this summer. While I am still planning on creating dolls, there will be some pattern/style changes to them. I has been so long since I've given myself legit time in the sewing room and I have forgotten how therapeutic it is to hear nothing but the sound of the machine humming, and the breaks of silence between. I always find it surprising how loud and fast my mind is while sewing, and then it dawns on me that it is absolutely silent in the room around me.

thank you, summer time.

February 27, 2013

backyard beauty

it feels good roam again. city life was great for a season, but we are back to what feels right. I can't wait for summer time to be here so we can really experience what this place is all about.