June 3, 2011

I see You.


Give me your eyes.
I know not what I can't see.

I see your beauty, I see your love, I see you faithfulness,
I see your glory, I see your peace, I see your mercy and grace surrounding me. 
I see our situation, and I don't see through it.

I suppose it's not my situation to have to see through,
 it's yours.
Give me your patience.
Give me your wisdom.

Give me your gentleness.
In my own fear, I come with dagars to the lamb.
What am I afraid of?
Give me your gentleness.
He's only a lamb.

Looking upon the aftermath, I could have..

Thank You for giving me your eyes.
Thank You for giving me your patience and wisdom.
Thank You for your gentleness.

I see You.

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