June 6, 2011

He never fails.

Phew, it has been an exciting past few weeks. Stressing finances and me doubting our readiness for Oregon took a complete 180 degrees as God never fails to show me He is enough. After a disapointing visit to a few campers we thought were going to work Logan and I were left anxious and bummed. There had been a camper down the road that we were interested in for quite some time, but didn't have the courage to knock on their door and ask about it. After the series of unfortunate campers we had gotten to the point where we couldnt resist asking about this seemingly perfect oppertunity. Turns out the one we had our eyes on was not for sale, however the lady kindly informed us that her daughter would be willing to part with hers and they lived around the corner. We went to check it out right away and it turned out to be in beautiful shape! After realizing it was the best one we had seen yet, we asked how much they were looking to get out of it. He wasn't quite sure, and asked what we were willing to pay. Logan said, "I hate to hit you too low, but we had been looking at campers around $400 and $500." The man replied, "I'd be tickled to get $400 out of it, I'd take $300!" Logan and I were blown away, we had just looked at one valued at $600 and the frame was falling to pieces. We slept on it, and quickly called the next day, and towed her home. Although it was an amazing deal, and a perfect camper it was a bit too heavy for our CRV. We knew that it was not worth potentionally messing up our transmission just to pull a sweet camper behind us, we had to part with it. After looking on craiglist for quite some time, I knew the real value of this camper. It was definetly not $300... try anywhere from $850-$1200. This kind of thing dosn't happen very often, especially to us. haha. This has just been one of the ways God has continued to provide for us in the past few weeks.

This past Saturday, I received a telephone call from a lovely lady. She was inquiring about a sewing job. The whole thing is a surprise, so I won't go into detail. However, out of the blue, I have an opptunity to make some very decent money doing something that I anticipate to be very fun! And a great learning experiance. It couldn't have come at a better time! What an awesome oppertunity to help our Oregon fund ;) haha, seriously though, God is so good.

Although times can seem to be heading no where, and plans look like they won't happen. Life gets foggy, and time keeps passing on He is here. He has a plan, and as I surrender it to Him, and give Him the glory he deserves, He continues to bless and provide for my family and I.

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