April 15, 2011


This entire month that been pure crazyness. From Logan loosing his job, to us trying to move to Oregon, to personal goals and health stuff. I have this picture in my mind, of me standing in the center of this tonado, and having complete peace. No other peace than the peace that Christ has preciously given me. It may sound cleche', but it's more real now than it's ever been. There is so much more to this story, and I can't wait to share it with everyone. It blows my mind as I pursue what God has for me, and continue to have faith and really walk in His will for my life, how real and alive He is. How He provides, how He encourages, how He calms, how He knows what I need right when I need it, how He surprises, How he loves. How he does all of this for me.. who am I? How am I so special to deserve this? It is such an honor to simply believe.

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