April 22, 2011

Our story..

As i was saying in my previous post.. what was once a tornado encapturing us, turned out to be one of the most beautiful times in my life. And glory to be Him, who made it all happen...

As I am coming back to my faith in Christ, just being in my situation has been a struggle. Having Nora, and living with Logan, not being married has all of a sudden, been a burden of my spirit. Not because I beleive I have to follow the law. Not because I felt condemed or less of a person... but because I knew marrying Logan was Gods will for my life, and not only that, but I knew how pleasing to Him it would be. And it became this burden, because I simply want to do all I can do to burn for Jesus. And this was a part of it.

We had been planning on getting married for a while now, however we kept putting it off for financial reasons, or this or that. Finally, I really felt led to take a step of faith. Logan and I have this date, that well, we kind of made up.. because neither one of us can recal when we first started dating, the exact day..the 17th of April was our best guess. For valentines day 2011 I decided to give Logan a "Save the Date" card to Logan for his own wedding, to be held on April 17th, 2011. He agreed.

We both wanted something small and intimate. Between him and I. As time went on, I kept having second guesses about the date. We were planning on going to Oregon in the summer, and I couldnt help but dream of a beautiful mountain wedding, if only we would just post-pone it one more time.. just until the summer. Immediately I had this unsettled feeling in my stomach. I decided, on a whim, to open my bible.. to see what it had to say about April 17th. April 17......(4/17) Call me crazy, but I randomly decided to look up some verses that were chapter 4 verse 17 (April 17th) I have been studying John recently.. so I decided to start there...

"The woman answered him, “I have no husband.” Jesus said to her, “You are right in saying, ‘I have no husband’" ----John 4:17

Wow. I was in schock. God had totally confirmed that date for me.

Soon after this, Logan had lost his job. I had found out about some random health stuff going on with myself. We were trying to plan for Oregon in the summer, but just kept getting set back in our planning. Things felt like a tornado all around, in the center of this tornado was Christ. He gave me peace and hope through what seemed as a discouraging time.

Logan and I went to get our marriage license, and it was pretty ironic, because there was actually a tornado warning. We almost couldnt get our license because everyone was heading to the basement. Luckily one precious lady, decided she would risk her life (haha) and stay upstairs to help get us set up.

Two weeks before the wedding, I think I have someone to marry us, and things planned. It falls out. This person can not do it anymore. Another dissapointment. A few days later, I may have someone else to marry us... didn't work out, another dissapointment. Things just kept not working out. There were issues between close family members throughout this time also.

A week before the wedding, I had NOTHING. Nothing planned, nothing ready. No idea who was marrying us, or where we were getting married. Or what we were doing, or wearing. As I gazed at the calander on sunday evening before I went to sleep..I was kind of freaking out.. seven days!!! To plan a whole wedding! Then I really felt God speak to my heart, and He said, " Kaela, if I can create this world, and all of the things on it, and in it in seven days, why couldn't I get you a wedding in seven days?" I went to bed that evening with such faith!

Sure enough the VERY NEXT DAY He provided someone to marry us, a beautiful place to get married, that I would have never even known about, someone to photograph our wedding, the finances to pay the lady to marry us, a lovely dinner afterwards, an evening out the night before the wedding.. and to top it off..A JOB FOR LOGAN.

Seriously, not even kidding, this all happened the very next day. I stand in awe of Him! I am reminded how He is all I need. When I have nothing, I have Him. Thank you Jesus!

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