July 12, 2011


I am seriously in AWE of Jesus.

I Suppose it has nothing to do with being completely unsure of where I am and what I am doing. When we are leaving, how we will get there. Financially un prepared for not only our trip, but life in general. Having absolutely no direction other than...


Seriously. After weeks of drowning in my sorrows I see the light yet again. I don't know what changed other than this over whelming peace stemming from just knowing Him. Just knowing His character. How He loves us. Oh how He loves us. He is so faithful. Just spending time with Him. How it refreshes my soul. My thirst is quinched yet again.

I will stop rambling, I just wanted to share in my excitment, and leave you with a song that has been the cry of my heart this past few days.

Okay, so one more song... I just can't get enough ;)

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