February 25, 2013

a long time comin'

our adventures have landed us right where we belong, for now. after miles of learning, experiencing, and growing we have decided it best to be in ohio. good ol' Nerrk to be exact. we have realized that it is a time to build. a time to sow. and that's what we intend on doing.

i am working out some of my own stuff. some of those scattered, young, ambitious dreams. trying to soul search and seek the lord in what my path shall be. i so far am understanding that there are many paths that lead to the glorious view from the top of the mountain. i am able to be so thankful and rest in that. it's still a journey of decisions though.

our home is lovely. it was no doubt the lord providing, once again. oh how he always provides. thank you for that.

while we are settling in, it is definitely bitter sweet. mostly sweet though.

i am hoping to bring this little corner back to life here in the coming months. for now, I've got piles of dishes to do.

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