July 23, 2012


today nora won't stop talking about maps and popsicles. every time she picks up a piece of paper she rolls it up and says she's got her map. she will then unroll her map and point and trace the individual lines on the paper. she  often talks about following the map back to see pooh, or pawpaw. it really is too precious.
"that's a map that say whur we go-don"
She is growing up too quickly. this coming monday will be her 3rd birthday. it is seriously mind-blowing to think that i have had the pleasure of knowing her for three whole years. it's just as crazy to imagine three years from now. 

love you nora lane


  1. She looks so grown-up. Love all the pictures

  2. i love all of these photos of your sweet nora. that last one especially. her hair! it's gorgeous.