April 29, 2012

it's official

we are finally leaving the keys.

while it is definitely time to go, the tropical loveliness of the island will be missed, as well as the family that we have grown so close to. these next couple days consist of packing and cleaning and ultimately preparing for the road. while we had originally planned to travel west, our plans have changed. i have been accepted into a midwifery program at The Matrona. It starts in September, and lasts through next february. therefor, we will be moving to Asheville, NC. We are excited, and have a little cabin lined up, for now.

Yes, it is a certified shack, with a sleeping loft. 
It just so happens to be on 70 acres of land.
 I can hardly wait to grow veggies and explore the mountain.


  1. That sounds so perfect. Bless you!

  2. how beautiful! you will be living my dream. can't wait to hear about it!

  3. Stumbled across your site this morning. Have enjoyed your beautiful photos and reading about your journey. I have done quite a bit of wandering through the country myself. Ironically, I'll be packing up for Marshall, NC (20ish miles north of Asheville) in two weeks to settle down for a bit. Some friends have 24 acres of veggies, orchards, and forests and a little woodshop for me to stay in. So your certified shack is looking pretty luxurious :) Blessings to your family in your travels.