March 14, 2012

on the water

twas nora's first time on a boat.

needless to say, i was a bit concerned. you see, previously, when we were visiting jax beach( more on that later) we first went to the ocean at night. once her toes hit the sand, nora took off for the ocean! this girl has absolutely no fear of the water. i assume, most of you have been to the ocean at night, it is one of the most mysterious, amazing things i have ever seen. it's a bit eerie though, if you ask me. the idea that you cant see all the far out, and it's a giant body of water deeper than i can fathom, with all kinds of living creatures inside, yet all you hear is the crashing waves. yeah. but not to nora. she couldn't get close enough.

back to the boat.

we went out on a pontoon boat. it was a bit on the windy side. if you know anything about pontoon boats, they aren't necessarily built for many waves. so as we were making our way to the bay to escape the wind, the boat was moving quite a bit, up and down, up and down. 

nora is just running back and forth on the boat as fast as she can, realizing it's the last thing i want her to do. (i don't have many photos as i was literally running after her the whole time)
finally, she settles down a bit, and walks over to me. she sits on my lap, smiles and says,

"it be fine, mama...

....Jeza will protet me"

my heart just about melted. whenever nora is scared i always tell her, that there is no need to be scared because Jesus will protect her. She obviously saw I saw scared as she was running around the boat having a good old time with her new sea legs. It is so encouraging to see your child practice something that you have taught them. It's also always really cool when the Lord uses the little ones to teach us stuff, little do they know. ;)

((i've got some more fun photos and stories to share, i finally got my internet/photos together. look for more posts in the coming days))

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