March 24, 2012

marker 88

last night we were able to go to this wonderful restaurant, marker 88. it was right on the beach, had it's own pier, and live music. we sat outside and watched the sunset as we enjoyed their delicious food. nora got to go play in the sand while we waited on our food, she had a blast and met a new friend. the overall atmosphere was so magical.

i am hoping that we will head to miami today, as the other day, when we were planning to go, our plans got rained out. i hear they are having some kind of music festival this weekend, so we may just walk the boardwalk and check it out from a distance, play on the beach, do some shop-hopping, perhaps bring our bicycles and just cruise a bit. we finally got nora a bicycle seat for the back of my bike. it is soo nice not having to hook up a huge trailer every time we want to ride. i think she likes being up higher as well. more to see. :)

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