March 20, 2012

free time

logan has been getting a lot of work down here, which has been amazing for our travel fund, and ultimately great for us.. just a bit boring for nora and i. although, we do have some mini adventures to the bay, and lots of  fun bike rides together, i am ready for a real adventure. let's go to key west and mallory square for sunset, or take the boat to some sand bars, maybe go paddle boarding or kayaking. you get the picture. i'm sure the time will come. and i am also sure it is most wise to make as much money as possible along the way. i just get antsy with so much beautiful around me. ;)

on another note, i have been really thinking about purchasing some sort of toddler carrier. i have heard many good things of ergo, and boba carriers. we currently have a huge, framed, hiking carrier that is bulky and super uncomfortable. nora is two and a half and weighs about 30lbs. the ergo says it's good until 40lbs, and the boba; 45lbs. i am curious of your thoughts or experiences with either carrier. if they really work comfortably up to the stated weight, etc. any input is much appreciated. 


  1. What kind of work is Logan getting? Did you guys go down to florida already knowing anybody there? Jesse(my husband) and I have been dreaming about hitting the road. It's such a scary thought though - will we find work, etc. i have three step children, so we also have child support to pay, which of course paints a different picture for us. But never the less hitting the road and stepping out into the unknown is an adventure that requires great faith and that is what excites. It's stepping out into the unknown that allows God to really work! I want that in my life! And In the life i create for my children..... Do you feel me?
    I was lookin into the ergo. Daisy is soon to be one and wieghs about 25lbs.
    I ended up buying one from target for 35bucks. I think thw brand in infantino and the weight limit is 40. She does fine on my back for 30 minutes here and there but after that it starts to get uncomfortable. I was begining to think that maybe there is no way around that. I mean, is there really aways to carry 25lbs comfortbly on your back? I thougt maybe a metal framed carrier would have been better? I have yet to take it on a hike either. Im hoping next weekend we will go camping and we can try it out then!...

    Anyway, hope younare having a good week so far!

  2. We are staying with a family member as of right now. We knew ahead of time that there was an opportunity for Logan to get work, and that's a big reason we are staying so long. He is doing work for their business, and lots of labor around the house. Really, just a bit of everything. Yeah it is difficult to up and leave with you have a handful of other commitments. We were I a place of not having any, besides keeping Nora safe and happy. Definitely takes trusting the Lord. :)