March 5, 2012

carolina barbecue

I have been over all horrible at getting some decent photos the past few days. We ran into a huge pot hole on the way to the farm house and ended up with an unfortunate tire. so, first hing this morning we were off to get a new set of tires. we were in such a rush, i forgot my camera and missed out on a whole days worth of adventures. 

we headed out to Beaufort and walked out along the boardwalk. checked out some local shops. got blown away by the wind. ate some sand (not by choice), played at the beach, filmed logan at a pretty sweet street spot. found a colony of stray cats taking over an abandoned apartment complex, and finished the day off with a delightful carolina bbq platter, cole slaw, hush puppies, and sweet tea included.

Oh, rewind.. on saturday night, after 10 hours of driving, we decided we couldn't do any more, so we decided to find a rest stop to pull over and snooze. We happened upon an awesome little spot, secluded, and not very populated. It was our first night sleeping in our newly remodeled caravan. The bed a a bit tight, but manageable. i assume it wouldn't feel as tight if we weren't so used to sleeping in a california king. ha. Waking up realizing you had just had a great nights sleep, slept in until 10:30, without having to pay a dime for a hotel or camp spot is so exciting.

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