February 16, 2012


I have been really soul- searching the past few months as to what direction I want to go in my life. What goals I am eager to achieve, and ultimately what would be best for my family in today's world. As most of you know, we are getting ready to pack up in our camper and wander for a while. Which, I believe  will be an amazing opportunity for my family to grow as one. For Logan and I's relationship to strengthen, and overall a cherished time in our lives. However, the realities of our world are going to slowly creep in after a few months on the road, and I want to be prepared with goals, and options that I can be excited about. 

I have always wanted to live "in the country" ever since I was a little girl, and we would vacation to the family "farm" house in eastern North Carolina. As I got older, this dream got bigger, and in more realistic reasoning. The idea of self sustaining my family, having a close relationship to the land, the reward of hard work, the opportunity to spend quality time with my family through out the day. This is definetly a goal i wish to achieve, or start achieving in the next 5  years. 

I also have been really interested in natural healing. Whether it  be through therapeutic massage, homeopathy, etc. When I was working as a nanny for my nephew, his mother told me more than one time, that I have a very calm spirit about me. She told me that i reminded her of her midwife, and asked if I had ever thought of going into midwifery as a career? I had not, but it definetly got me thinking. I suppose I had not ever really been around many midwifes, or people using midwifes. As I researched and thought of it, I couldn't help but be intrigued. I have found some really good resources, and learning opportunities. I am looking forward to really meditating on the idea of perusing a life as a midwife. 

(nora, a couple years ago, excuse the cigarette butt)

I actually found a midwifery program that specializes in holistic midwifery-with a bit of homeopathy included. Which is pretty stinkin' awesome. :) 

Beyond goals, ideas, and opportunities. We are slowly getting things together. The camper is just about finished. We are now aiming to leave this weekend, if all goes well. 


  1. I've considered becoming a midwife too! When we have kids, I'd like to homeschool/farm with them, but when they get older I think midwifery would be perfect. :)

    1. agreed! i found an awesome program you should keep in mind, its a midwifery immersion program, and it is through The Matrona. www.thematrona.com. all i hear is good things about it. :)