June 1, 2011

Our Camper

Hooray. We are one step closer to getting to Oregon. We just purchased a camper we thought was going to be the one, turns out it's a bit too heavy for our 4 cylinder CRV. If we were hauling to alum creek to camp, it would be fine, but across the country is another story. We have our hearts set on a 13ft Castia down the lane. It's a fiberglass trailer, so it's much lighter.

Anywho, the 1971 Fan camper is a lovely little camper. She is about 15ft long from the bumper to the front of the camper, and about 17 1/2 feet from the bumper to the end of the hitch. She is about 7 feet wide. 

TaaDaa. Oregon is feeling a bit more real these days.

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