June 12, 2011

Our 1969 Sprite 400 Caravan

I am so excited! We have finally found the one.
It weighs about 700-800 lbs (I am guessing) and after Logan striped everything out of the inside but the frame and the plywood floors I am guessing it weighs around 500-600 lbs.
Which is perfect for CRV towing. However, now we are currently facing transmission issues.
We found out that Honda needs a special transmission fluid, and you can't just put in regular automatic transmission fluid from auto zone.. it has to be honda's special juice or it will shift hard.. ect.
We are hopoing that this is our problem, and that it all checks out afterwards.

Despite its rough first impressions, it is quite the charmer.
It is a 1969 Sprite 400 Caravan, origonally from Brittain.
As far as I know they came to America and manufactured them here for two or three years and then went back to Brittain. In other words, she is pretty unique.
She came with a breathtaking red, white and blue exterior, and a homey, rigged up interior.
After 20 minutes of living in our driveway, Logan had the inside in peices and was tearing out the walls.
I suppose the lighter the better for our trip west.

This morning we have strated to paint here and there, sealed some holes, goo-be-goned some stuff. Removed some random handles that were screwed to the exterior on each end.
Now we are headed to get the majority of the exterior paint.
A clean, fresh, almond white.
I can not wait to say goodbye to the red, white and blue.
Nothing against America, but these colors are hideous.

Before and after pictures to come!

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