March 3, 2011

Story Time

I am so blessed to have a library so close to where we live. We live just about fifteen minutes away from a town, however there is a very small community about five minutes away. I say community because, well, they don't have a grocery store, or a school, all that is there is a library, a post office, and a volunteer fire house. This library is probably one of the best I've been to. Not in it's size, but it's content and the childrens library. Every Wednesday they offer a story time.

 All the children gather on these wooden bleachers to hear a few stories.

This particular day was Dr. Suess' birthday, so that was the theme of the day. After reading Green Eggs and Ham, and Red Fish Blue Fish they went to the craft room.

After the craft, the librarian asked the children if they would "eat them in a library"?

Nora ate the ham, but she wasn't going to be eating green eggs anywhere! ;)

This is Nora post-story time. I think she enjoyed herself.


  1. love her little country outfit there mom. shes such a little cutie pie, just like mommy.